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Teddy Bear Parade History

In 1997, Rena Adamek began the Oregon City Teddy Bear Parade. Rena saw the need for a community effort for our children. She worked with community leaders to create an event that focused on our children as well as the outstanding services our Emergency personnel provided. After some investigation, the idea for the parade was brought to fruition.

The first Teddy Bear Parade was held on May 16th, 1998. The first Grand Marshall was Oregon City High School Basketball Coach and the first Junior Grand Marshall was college student Rocky Smith Jr. A few years later, it was officially named the Teddy Bear Parade of Clackamas County and became a project of The Children's Center of Clackamas County.  After the 2006 Teddy Bear Parade the Children's Center turned the parade over to Rocky Smith, coordinator of the parade's partner event, the Pioneer Family Festival. Rocky coordinated the parade's 10th year in 2007. Jody Day coordinated the parade in 2008 and 2009. The 2010 and 2011 Parades were coordinated by Linda Kidd, Rocky Smith and William Becker of PINS. 2012 and 2013 parades were coordinated by CARES, Linda Kidd and Rocky. The Parade is now coordinated by the Oregon City Lions Club, CARES and presenting sponsor Oregonians Credit Union! Thank you all for helping keep this tradition going!

The purpose of the Teddy Bear Parade has never changed. The mission has always been to encourage the donation of stuffed animals to the emergency services of Clackamas County (Local Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Women’s Shelters, Emergency Rooms and other Crisis Centers). The stuffed animals will then be given to comfort children in crisis situations.